Muc Off Disc Brake Covers Pair Various Colours

Muc off disc brake covers.
Finally, the solution to protecting your disc brakes during maintenance or transit is here! Our Patent pending design makes life easy, they are fast and easy to use and help to ensure you won’t have protectant or lube overspray on your discs. The end is nigh for loss of braking power from protectant overspray! Finally!

. Protects disc brake rotors and pads from protectant and lube overspray
. Protects discs during transit
. Quick and easy to use
. Fits all road/mtb rotors
. Simply rinse and use again
. Breathable neoprene
. Protects against corrosion
. Supplied as a pair

Keeping your bike clean and well maintained will help ensure your next ride is trouble free. No guarantees of course because a clean, well maintained bike can still come to grief by other means. Eg a stick through your wheels.
At Wollongong Bike Hub we carry a huge range of bicycle cleaning and maintenance products. Our friendly staff can help you choose the best tools and products to keep your ride a sweet one.
We stock products like these disc protectors as well as lubes, cleaners and bicycle specific tools.