Magnum Lock Combo Coil Cable 180 X 10cm

Magnum Combo Cable Lock 180cm x 10mm

Please note - specifications subject to change without prior notice.
. Heavy duty self-coiling cables are vinyl coated to protect finishes
. X2 Double Bolt lock mechanism provides ultimate pull resistance
. Steel ball Click-Combo-Gear System has user settable combination
. All coil lock models include versatile mounting bracket

Ensure you secure your bicycle when it is unattended. Choose a lock that is suitable for your particular situation and risk. Are you locking up for a few seconds or a few hours? Is the place you lock your bike up in a busy or quiet out of the way area? If it's for school, does your school have a bike lockup area that is fenced off? Our friendly team can help you choose the best bicycle lock to suit your needs and budget.