Funn Handlebar Kingpin 35mm Bar Bore 785mm Wide 30mm Rise Black

Funn King Pin Bars
The KingPin of handlebars.
Crafted from Supreme 7 alloy, the Funn KingPin bar is the perfect balance of strength, weight and comfort. It's the best handlebar we've ever made.

The KingPin is designed for everything from World Cup downhill tracks to your local woods. It helped Veronika Widmann onto the podium at several elite World Cup races during 2019 and has steered our athletes across the world to heaps of national championship and series victories.

Whether you're aiming to reach the podium or just beat your mates, the KingPin guarantees you'll always ride like a boss.

Diameter 35mm 31.8mm 31.8mm
Width 785mm 785mm 810mm
Rise 30mm / 15mm / 7mm 30mm / 15mm 15mm / 7mm
Upsweep 5.5deg / 5.5deg / 2deg 5.5deg / 5.5deg 5.5deg / 2deg
Backsweep 8deg / 8deg / 5deg 8deg / 8deg 8deg / 5deg
Weight 315 / 305 / 295g 295 / 290g 295 / 290g

Make you're mark wherever you ride. The right gear makes all the difference. Bars are a fundamental piece of bike equipment to get right. Sort of a Goldilocks choice really. Not too narrow, not too wide, not too high, not too low, not too much backsweep, not too much upsweep, not too heavy etc. You get the picture, just right is just right. Our frinedly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose the best bars (and stem if needed) for your ride so you can be the king of your ride.