Fidlock Drink Bottle Twist Bike Base Set Black 600ml

FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 600

Big magnetic bike bottle with 600 ml capacity

FIDLOCK technology meets water bottle

With FIDLOCK bike, the tried and tested FIDLOCK technology, which combines the advantages of magnetic fasteners with those of mechanic closing systems, meets water bottles for the bike market. The result: the TWIST bottle 600, a magnetic bike bottle, freed from its conventional cage!

The FIDLOCK Bike TWIST system

The modular TWIST system always consists of a base and an accessory, which is magneto-mechanically attached to the base. All TWIST products can be combined with each other. The following bottle 600 sets are available:

TWIST bottle 600 including TWIST bike base:

The bottle is fitted with a moulded system containing two magnets and an internal mechanic latching system. The two magnets find their counterpart magnets in the bike base automatically and guide the bottle into the right position. Then, with an audible “click”, the mechanic fixture comes into place to hold the bottle securely locked. To release the bottle, it only needs a simple clockwise TWIST. The bike base is mounted on the frame of the bike via the thread inserts and two screws.

TWIST bottle 600 including TWIST uni base:

If the bike has no thread inserts at all or if they are already blocked, the TWIST bottle 600 is also available with the TWIST uni base. This universal frame adapter can be easily attached to any pipe with a width of 28 – 62 mm thanks to the wide TPU cable ties. The smooth rubber back of the universal bike bottle holder protects your frame against scratches and helps holding the uni base in place.

The advantages of the TWIST bottle

The advantages are obvious: TWIST stands for an innovative design, stylish look, low weight, and easy handling. The FIDLOCK TWIST bottle 600 can be mounted to all frames, especially to those where a normal bottle-cage-system wouldn´t find enough room. Think modern full suspension frames, small sized frames, kids bike frames etc.

The TWIST bottle can easily be used during rides thanks to the intuitive TWIST movement, which releases the bike bottle from the magneto-mechanical latching mechanism. The self-containing pull of the magnets leads the bottle safely back to the base and the mechanical latching keeps it securely locked at all times – so you can keep your eyes on the road, the trail, or the traffic and lost bottles are a thing of the past!

The advantages in a nutshell

Fits the smallest frames
Compatible with all TWIST bases (bike base, uni base, tex base)
TWIST technology for intuitive handling
Magnetic guiding into the mechanic locking system
Stays in place safely – no more lost bottles!
Easy mounting with all BCM 64 bottle cage mounts
No more annoying rattling noises


Ergonomic bottle shape
Excellent squeeze
Wide opening for easy filling and cleaning
BPA-free polypropylene