Core Pro Grips Various Colours

Core Pro Handlebar Grips / Soft 170mm
Introducing our very first Grip! We spent over a year developing this grip to make it perfect. Our unique compound ensures the perfect softness when riding that gets even better with time. The grip is 170mm in length with a structural design to maximise grip and reduce shock. Tapered ends keep your hands in check and premium bar ends to keep your bars as fresh as the day you got them.

We have developed our CORE Pro Handlebar grips to fit perfectly onto all scooters and bikes using a super soft and comfy compound with universal design. 100% custom designed to fulfil the needs of action sports riding. Premium design and materials throughout.

. Bar Ends (standard size)
. Large Grip length 170mm
. Tapered ends for increased comfort
. Geometric engineered design for increased grip performance
. Shock absorbing compound
. Pro comfort – super soft
. Designed for Action Sports
. Eco-friendly packaging 100% recyclable.
. Universal size, fits all Stunt Scooters, BMX, Bikes, MTB

Installation Instructions:
. Remove old grips and clean bars thoroughly.
. Slide grips onto bars using rubbing alcohol, hairspray or grip glue.
. Allow drying for a minimum of 12 hours before use for a secure fit.

Grips are a key contact point between you and your bike or scooter. Always ensure your grips are in good shape and your bar ends cover the end of your bars. Damaged grips and bar ends mean you don't have the best control and can even lead to injury. Update your grips and bar ends for bling or for control. Our friendly team at Wollongong Bike Hub can help you choose the best grips and bar ends to suit your ride style and budget.