Abus Adaptor Chain 6ks 2.0 130mm

ABUS Adaptor Chain 2.0
It couldn't be simpler – with this frame lock chain made of hardened steel, you have the perfect secondary security for your bicycle.

The Adaptor Chain 2.0 frame lock chain from ABUS makes it particularly easy to make your bicycle twice as secure: All you have to do is place the chain around a fixed object, pull the end with the lock through the ring on the chain and attach it to the frame lock housing or the Alarmbox 2.0. You will not need another key, nor will you need to lock the shackle separately. Thanks to the special coating on the ring, the paintwork of the bicycle remains protected when it is connected. The Adaptor Chain 2.0 connecting chain fits all ABUS frame locks with additional lock housing as well as the Alarmbox 2.0.

. 6 and 8 mm square chain made of hardened steel
. Separate locking of the shackle is not necessary
. Various connection options
. Suitable for all ABUS frame locks and the Alarmbox 2.0
. Special coating on the loop ring protects the bike's paintwork from being damaged

The last thing you want to find when you come back to youre locked up bicycle is - no bicycle. Of course, there is no 100% foolproof way to ensure your bike is not stolen, but you can choose a lock that suits and help deter would-be thieves. This ABUS adaptor chain is designed to be used in conjubction with other locks like th ABUS Frame locks and Alarm Box 2. We stock a huge range of bicycle locks at Wollongong Bike Hub and our friendly team can help you select the best one to suit your needs and budget.